Many of our clients use SAI as their primary full-service video provider. We conduct interviews in Japanese or English, shoot on location anywhere, and design your video with motion graphics, cool titles, and the right voice, leveraging the power of digital editing and the imagination of our international network. The process is flexible, the priority is your image, and we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the results. We also provide video versioning.

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A New Way to Make Video

The traditional approach to video production is to start by writing a script, including scripts for interviews. The problem is that this can rob the interviews of the naturalness video can provide. SAI’s approach is to start by interviewing the story owners, distill the story from those interviews, and build the video to tell that story with impact. It’s faster, better and simpler. Check out this video to learn more about the SAI approach.

Interview-based video creation



Be interviewed by Duncan

Interviews with Duncan are relaxed, interesting, and fun, while his questions quickly get to the heart of the matter. Then we select the best footage and build the presentation around your narrative to create an effective video. Let us help you tell your own story as it has never been told before.